Like many people, I came to Port Townsend to follow my dreams. Some dreams came true. Others turned out to be nightmares. Along the way, I woke up to the fact that I’m lucky to live among so many dreamers. I started this blog to share my good fortune and to tell other people what I find so lovable about my adopted home town.

Matthew Gatheringwater



  1. OK, I’m learning. I’m looking at this site and appreciating the work that when into it.
    I’m looking forward to checking in from time to time to see what you’ve added.

  2. Your photos are exceptional, Matt. Especially the above foggy waterfront – love it, love it, love it!
    We are very fortunate to be here, aren’t we?

  3. Audrey,

    I have to admit that I’m not the person who took the waterfront photo, but I like it, too.

    Matthew Gatheringwater

  4. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I also enjoyed the sentiments alongside. Deeply thought out and meaningful. Thanks for the reflection.
    Paul in Connecticut

  5. I googled Dream City and came upon your website. Loved the church and boat photographs. I still don’t know why Port Townsend is called Dream City or where it came from, but so enjoyed reading your blog.

  6. Who did take the photograph, Matthew? If you don’t know I think it might be better to simply put “photographer unknown” – with the omission of a name people are going to assume it’s your work. I don’t imagine that was your intention.

    As a photographer I know the importance of credit where credit it due. And there are copyright laws.

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