Posted by: gatheringwater | 2009/06/13

Messing about in Boats

Rowboat Afternoon

I don’t usually mind being poor, but nothing incites discontent in me more quickly than a stroll through the marina. I moon over schooners, ketches, even tug boats, then remind myself of the old adage: “A boat is a hole in the water, into which one throws money.” I don’t have money to throw away. When I saw this modest rowboat tied up at Union Wharf, however, I realized that there are cheap ways to be on the water and around other boats. I’m going to explore this idea. Meanwhile, I like the red in this photograph.



  1. I like it too! And the composition and perspective.
    I’ve missed being in a boat too….considered today renting a kayak for a while…imagined taking the dog in it. Then thought about how hot she’d be, a black dog, in a boat on the water today! I miss lake swimming too! Dang our poison lakes.

  2. A really nice shot and I agree, the red is terrific.

    Did you take this, Matthew?

  3. Deb: I don’t understand why the toxic algae is such a persistent problem. I thought it was usually due to agricultural run-off but that surely can’t be the case here, can it? I’m going to have to learn more about this issue…

    Sheila: I’m glad you liked the picture and, yes, I did take it.

  4. Matthew;

    I am doing a brochure for my kid’s school. The headline on the cover is going to be; “If you were preparing your kids for a journey… What would you put in the boat?”

    Wondering if you would be open to me using your picture on the cover? It would be a perfect illustration. Let me know- Thanks- Chip Moore

    • Chip Moore,

      You are welcome to use the photo in the way you describe. I am glad it is of use to you.

      Matthew Gatheringwater

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