Posted by: gatheringwater | 2009/06/01

To Catch A Bee



In fields and on sunny banks, the lupines are blooming. They range in color from white to dark purple, with shades of pink, mauve, and something that looks almost like blue in between. How is that possible? I wonder if they are all the same variety, or if they are different varieties of the plant living side by side. Or maybe they produce different colors from the same seed? Botanical types, I appeal to you for an explanation!

I photographed these flowers during one of the recent hot bright mornings when colors seemed particularly brilliant. I wasn’t the only one who appreciated the lupines. I discovered the limits of my camera (and my skill at photography) as I tried to catch a bee as is zoomed and hovered among the flowers–all while stepping carefully so as not to crush the flowers I admired! It was good exercise, but of the literally dozens of photographs I took, only one was anywhere near being focused.



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