Posted by: gatheringwater | 2009/05/26

Know Who You Are At Every Age

Lars Watson

Mr. Watson has taught many people to drive, including me. So what does the driving teacher drive? How about a souped-up electric car with his walker in the back? He’s tricked it out with emblems of his favorite causes: a Darwin fish, Obama stickers, Veterans for Peace, etc.  I can’t recall the last time I have seen him wearing long trousers, no matter how cold it is in the winter. He is a great bear of a man who over time reveals a patient and gentle manner at odds with his first impression. I’ve worried about him, in the vague kind of way I worry about people I don’t know well enough to have a right to interfere with, after his wife died or after I saw him in the hospital with raccoon eyes and his arm in a sling, but then I also see him playing bridge or giving a friend who no longer drives a lift and I suppose he must be all right. He has become an example to me of what I hope for in my own old age: someone who, despite age, change, and sorrow, continues to be recognizably himself. I am always happy to see him.



  1. Matthew, I hope to god we are still friends when I’m old(er).

  2. I hope so, too! And just think, by then I will be an RN. That means I can give you shots, so be sure to stay on my good side.

  3. Oh, Matthew….so very touching and perfectly presented. Great picture of Lars. I bet he would like to see this!

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