Posted by: gatheringwater | 2009/05/05

A Cloud Hanging Over Me, Literally


There hasn’t been a tornado at Port Townsend in living memory and even thunderstorms are rare here, but yesterday an unusual cloud descended from the sky above us. Sheets of rain were falling behind it, but it was only lightly raining where I took the pictures. Other clouds appeared to form bands and arced around the base of the pendulous cloud, giving a sense of great whirling power but, again, there was only a light wind where I stood. I was puzzled and awed, but not frightened. After about thirty minutes, the cloud retreated back up into the sky.




  1. WOW – Matthew, these are incredible photos. You could sell them to the Leader, I’m sure.
    Keep it up, fella!

  2. WILD WILD WILD! I had no idea! YES, you could sell such pictures to The Leader. I think that cloud was dreaming of being a tornado. Or at least a water spout.

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