Posted by: gatheringwater | 2009/04/17

Guerrilla Garden in Bloom

cheerfulness at an undisclosed location

cheerfulness at an undisclosed location

As a new gardener of sorts, I feel personally invested in Spring.

Last Autumn, I chose a small patch of undeveloped curbside greenspace and planted some pansies and bulbs in a defiant guerrilla garden. Now my daffy-down-dillies are showing The Man what for.

Not that there was much call for defiance. I’ve noticed many Port Townsend homeowners routinely plant the green space in front of their home. My space just happens to be in a spot where nobody lives nearby, but one I drive by nearly every day. It felt a little odd to trowel in public, but no one seemed to mind and a passing policeman even waved. I guess The Man likes flowers, too.

As a garden, it isn’t spectacular, but I was impressed that some of my pansies bloomed all through the winter. A few of the bulbs didn’t sprout, which made the ones that did come up seem oddly spaced. I also didn’t know that deer are fond of tulips.  Despite my only modest success, I am immensely cheered by my first attempt. I don’t know what I’ll try for the summer, but I’m open to suggestions.

Update: A concrete retaining wall near “my” garden has been vadalized the old-fashioned way (with spray paint instead of plants). I was annoyed, until I heard of folks covering graffiti with moss. I’m going to try it…


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