Posted by: gatheringwater | 2009/04/13

Sure, it gets 29mpg, but is it art?

hood detail from an art car spotted at Fort Worden

hood detail from an art car spotted at Fort Worden


I spotted another art car at Fort Worden. At least, I think it is an art car. Maybe it is really a craft car.  Either way, it was colorful and fun.  I particularly like the starburst of amputated doll legs on the hood, which has rather a Busby Berkeley effect.

Why wouldn’t it be an art car? Well, comparing it to Jesse Taylor’s truck makes me wonder. Jesse has edited his material to reflect consistent and inter-related themes, but I had the impression that this is a decorated car rather than an unconventional canvas for an artist’s expression. It is odd, but Jesse’s truck has more to say, despite the fact that this car actually talks. The owner has used words to make their message clear but “slow food,”  “soy,”  and the like function as bumper stickers for a very enthusiastic vegan with a glue gun rather than reach toward communicating something universal. My perspective might be influenced by having seen the same materials Jesse used on his truck in freestanding assemblages, which were more easily defined.

The car I spotted at Fort Worden used a greater variety of materials than Jesse used on his truck, including some printed refrigerator magnets (“No War!” for example) that added to the “bumper sticker effect.” I also spotted buttons, ceramic tiles, marbles, polymer clay, brightly colored plastic beads, and old light bulbs.

I stuck around the car for a while after taking the photographs, but I didn’t get a chance to meet the owner. The tags were from Vancouver, BC, so I guess the owner was probably just passing through, perhaps attending a conference at the Fort. I’m glad I got to see their colorful car.

Fort Worden art car roof detail

Fort Worden art car roof detail


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