Posted by: gatheringwater | 2009/01/16


I’ve always thought of swans as urban birds: like pigeons and starlings, but more uptown. They are so graceful and elegant that I mentally picture them in carefully manicured parks, but here they are among the cow-pats and hay- stacks of the Chimicum Valley.

The Chimicum Valley is an unusual place. It has its own climate. The first and last frosts of the season are always to be found there and it is the one place where there is bound to be snow even if everywhere else nearby just gets rain. A creek runs through parts of it and it is often flooded (though not disastrously so, like most of Washington state right now). It is lovely and green. Manna grass grows lushly here and that, apparantly,  is attractive to Trumpeter swans, along with wide open spaces and lots of little pools.


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