Posted by: gatheringwater | 2008/12/30

Snow Man

Some men shrivel in the cold. Others...

Some men shrivel in the cold. Others...

I noticed an unusual snow man on my way to work last week. I think it illustrated the difference between Port Townsend, which–let’s face it–can be a little snooty, and nearby Port Hadlock, which is a little more…earthy.

It isn’t as if Port Townsend is devoid of phallic symbols. We have the clock tower on the county court house, after all. But we generally prefer our penises to be abstract and publicly funded (like the so-called ‘stupas’ known more popularly as ‘the dinosaur poop sculptures’), while Port Hadlock apparently goes for the privately funded representational vernacular.

I’ve been told we each have two landscapes: the one we were born to and the one we marry. When I look at the abandoned tractor trailer and garbage can lids being used as sleds in this picture, I’m looking at the landscape into which I was born. I appreciate its humor. I’ve lived in its trailer parks. I have eaten its fried bologna sandwiches. I am still friends with the people who live there, but I live in Port Townsend now.


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