Posted by: gatheringwater | 2008/12/29

Christmas Visitors

Varigated Thrushes like apple trees.

Variegated Thrushes like apple trees.

Cold, snowy weather has pushed some interesting birds from the mountains to sea level. These Variegated Thrushes were attracted to an apple tree next door and I lured them over to Marcia’s deck with some cracker crumbs. They also solved the mystery of the Great Crested Robin. Partly, at least. The first time I saw this species in Port Townsend,  I told everyone about a bird I saw that was like a robin but not a robin: larger, with a necklace, and it had a little plume on its head. I was greeted with incredulity and, I am sorry to say, sneers of derision.  I was crushed, but now I am redeemed because I recognize this as the same bird. And what about the little plume? Perhaps the one I first saw was having a bad feather day…

I would prefer a slug, but I will settle for stale crackers.

"I would prefer a slug, but I will settle for stale crackers."



  1. Perhaps he ran afowl of af French gradeschooler- “Je te plumerai la tête”…

  2. I always thought that was a cruel song. Poor little skylark!

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