Posted by: gatheringwater | 2008/12/26

Favorite Xmas Lights

The Great Chrerry Hill Street Octopus

The Great Cherry Hill Street Octopus

At Christmastime, my friend Marica and I often tour Port Townsend at night, looking for interesting light displays and getting lost. This year, the uncharacteristically icy weather has prevented our tour, so I’m including a photo from a few years ago.  Folks around here still talk about The Great Cherry Hill Street Octopus (and the Great Crab that followed it the next year). To get an idea of its scale, note the back legs draped across the pergola at the left of the photograph. The pergola is over six feet tall.

I never met the folks who created this display and, when a starfish or a whale didn’t encore the crab, I heard they had moved away.

Why an octopus? I have no idea. This being Port Townsend, we don’t really need a good reason to do something odd and beautiful. It is undeniably festive.  And Puget Sound is home to the world’s largest octopus species, after all.



  1. YEA! Great photo and I was so sad when they moved!

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